The Take Ten

The Take Ten

We all deserve a break, and the Take Ten gift set helps you unwind when you need it most. It’s the perfect gift for that busy person in your life who deserves a moment to recharge.

Spacemasks - 5 Mask Pack

Spacemasks are the game-changing eye masks designed to help you drift off. These jasmine-scented iterations heat up on contact with air, block out light and help to ease tension by encouraging circulation.

Oxygen activates the cotton mask almost immediately to gently heat it up so that when pressed onto eyes (and secured with loops behind the ears), you experience a warm, soothing sensation along with the subtle scent of jasmine. The instructions recommend leaving the mask on for 15 minutes, and we defy you to part with it any sooner.


Lemongrass, Lime and Ginger Root Large Candle by So Soy

This is a sensual citrus fragrance with earthy undertones. Refreshing top notes of lemongrass and lime, are complimented by ginger and nutmeg, over a warm vanilla base. Made from soy wax and hand poured in Ireland.


Coral Clay Scrub Soap by Sevin

This capsule of fresh pink clay and poppy seeds is perfect for gentle exfoliation, leaving your skin cleansed and nourished. Add our Silky Pink Scrub to your beauty routine for its unique powdery fragrance and velvet sensation.


Square Stone 

This natural pumice stones comes from the heart of the Aegean sea. Use them for smoothing calluses and gently scrub heels, feet, hands and elbows.