Slow and Dynamic Alignment Yoga

We break down the class in two parts: one part is a slow and dynamic alignment of yoga postures, usually standing, with a flowing sequence. The second part is a slower sequence, which can be either standing or sitting in a flow as well.

In the dynamic part of the class, we hold the postures for a fewer seconds and go faster in order to increase the heart rate, the idea is to warm up the muscles, the joints and blood flow in the body. The warm up is aimed at preparing you to open up further when we hold the postures for longer. Thus we are able to focus longer on the breath and the alignment of the body and the posture.

This class is taught by Dipa Tiverdi. Dipa really wants you to do the postures well, she will not hesitate to correct and help you improve your practice. Not one sequence is the same and we usually focus more on one part of the body each week. For example, one week we will be working on hips and another on shoulders. The benefit of this class is that you have a very experienced teacher who can help all levels including beginners. You can practice beyond your normal yoga practice in a safe environment.

Dipa has studied Osteopathy and understands the movement but also the anatomy and science, so be sure that you are in safe hands. This class is perfect if you are a beginner or would like to deepen your practice of yoga with more alignment and precision. Dipa sometimes adds pilates to add more core exercises to the class as this is needed for yoga practitioners in order to avoid injuries or long term pain. We usually end the class with meditation or relaxation, a great way to finish and feel resourced after 1 hour of movement.

Duration 55 minutes

Participants will receive a link to join shortly after payment!