BYBI Babe Balm

There are 101 ways to use Babe Balm, our universal beauty balm. Here are our top 3:

Super moisturising night cream for the face, neck and chest. Coenzyme Q10, a compound with powerful antioxidant properties, restores and regenerates for supple soft complexions. All you gotta do is lay there and let it work its magic.

Nourishing and protective treatment for areas of severe dehydration. Calendula and hibiscus get to work on dry legs, hands, feet, elbows, knees, bums and tums.

Makeup hybrid for lips, cheeks and brows. We’ve seen it used as a highlighter, illuminator or all-out lip gloss. It’s dreamy creamy texture means you can even mix with your mineral makeup to create bespoke blushes and stains.

Babe Balm doesn’t contain any essential oils so is also great for you sensitive souls.


Why we love it

This balm really is incredible. We love its deeply nourishing and healing properties that work wonders on skin. Plus, its compact size is perfect to take with you anywhere you go.