Beautiful Hair Mask

An intensive mask to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate hair of all types. Regain lustre and vitality in just 5 minutes with this treatment or use in place of your usual conditioner.

Key ingredients and benefits

Golden Millet Oil assists in strengthening, rejuvenating and repairing the hair.

Hydrolysed Collagen improves the shine, texture, flexibility, manageability and body of the hair.

Shea Butter soothes dry itchy scalps or dandruff. Provides moisture for dry or damaged hair and is extremely beneficial to hair that is relaxed, coloured, or heat-treated.

Hydrolysed Silk links hair fibres to improve elasticity and resiliency, and restore the moisture balance.

Size: 150ml

Why we love it

We always love an effective and product. This mask will give you results in just 5 minutes. For best results, try to add it to your weekly routine!