100 Mindfulness Meditations by Neil Selingman

Prepare to be accompanied with skill and care on a peaceful journey through delightfully novel and endearing mindfulness practices, at your own pace, and in an order of your choosing.Inside this book you will find 100 precisely described meditations, activities and games to help you learn mindfulness skills, integrate them in daily life, and share them with others. The book is organised into three parts: Foundations for Mindfulness Practice, Applying Mindfulness in Daily Life, and Advanced Practices.Together they build a thorough compendium of mindfulness meditations that enhance creativity, build happiness joy and compassion, reduce stress and anxiety, and nurture inner calm.Whether you are a mindfulness beginner, enthusiast, expert or teacher, this little book will soon become your trusted companion.

Neil Seligman is a leading international expert in Mindfulness, Resilience, and Corporate Wellbeing. He is the Founder of The Conscious Professional and the Author of Conscious Leadership and 100 Mindfulness Meditations. As a world-class speaker, Neil tours the UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America appearing at conferences and events. The Conscious Professional’s client list includes global blue-chip firms such as Netflix, Accenture, DLA Piper, Warner Brothers, and RBS. Whilst Neil’s work has transformed drastically, as he transitioned from London Barrister to International Mindfulness Advocate, his two passions have remained the same: witnessing the unfolding of human potential, and the pursuit of excellence.