Webinars & live virtual sessions

We've put together some truly inspiring group and 1:1 workshops to help keep your team productive and motivated whilst exercising distance. 

All our sessions are now digital and driven by our expert wellbeing professionals. We are offering bespoke webinars, workshops and 1:1 sessions in the following areas to help your team stay connected and power through these difficult times.


Mental & Emotional Wellbeing 

Fitness & Movement 



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How to look after your employees when they're working from home


We know that sustaining good health and wellbeing goes beyond treatments and services, especially in these difficult times where we are faced with a coronavirus outbreak. 

So we have put together a personalised newsletter for your team, to help you stay connected and offer wellness to your team at a distance. Designed with bespoke branding and featuring inspiring, tailor-made tips and techniques - each edition is packed with inspiring advice to boost your team’s all-round wellness during these challenging times. 

Download our sample newsletter with top tips and hacks on how to be productive from home.